Paros is located in the heart of Cyclades, in the middle of the Aegean Sea. This picturesque island is one of the most beautiful and the most blessed of Greece, being fertile enough compared to others of Cyclades, and with rich vineyards that produce their famous, sweet and top quality wine.

Paros has already been famous from the ancient times due to its white, hard and transparent marbles, which some of the most important statues of Ancient Greece were sculptured on.

Guests will definitely appreciate the beautiful villages, the incomparable beaches, the ideal weather, the uncountable churches and monasteries, the peaceful and amazing views, the traditional windmills and, of course, the historical sites. One admirable byzantine monument is Panagia Ekatontapiliani, which has been built by Konstantine the Great in the 4th century AC. Additionally, in Parikia there is an ancient cemetery of the 3rd century BC. The ancient marble quarry is located in Marathi, a tiny village in the middle of Paros.

One of the most beautiful villages of Cyclades, Naoussa, is located in the north side of the island and it ows its name to the flowing waters that even today cross it. It is built amphitheatrically, it has wonderful traditional houses, paths, arches and churches. At its port you will find the Venetian  fort, and the St Nicolas church, aside the boats and the taverns that, in the summer, are full of tourists enjoying seafood and ouzo. In the Naoussa bay you can also find the famous Kolimbithres beach, described as of unique natural beauty and known for its crystal water and its moon-like rocks.

One other place to visit is the monastery of Longovarda, with wonderful orthodox art. Marpissa and Lefkes, with the second having been the first capital of the island,are fabulous traditional villages of Cyclades. The Valley of the Butterflies is also one of the places to see in Paros.

From the uncountable beaches that Paros can offer to you, the most important are Chrisi Akti, Laggeri, Kolimbithres, Santa Maria, Pounta, Piso Livadi, Martselo and Faraggas. One visit to the island will definitely stay unforgetable to young and elder guests, to families, couples and groups, as it combines everything someone may ask for. Paros is one of the places you will need to visit again and again. Because holidays, but also life in Paros is a real pleasure.

From Punta, a village in the west coast of Paros, there is a frequent ferry running many times a day to Antiparos, an unexplored magnificent island. Do not miss visiting it for its cave as well, with the oldest stalagmite in Europe. From Paros you can also visit Mykonos, the holy island of Delos or even Santorini, the volcano island which is a unique destination and which is not further than two hours way on the highspeed ferry.

Paros is an ideal destination for the sea-sports lovers as well, especially wind surfing. Paros is a top favourite for all the athletes, as from 1993 a world windsurfing championship is organised in Chrisi Akti a beach where ideally strong winds blow. There are also four learning centres for all levels in Paros for both kite surfing and wind surfing. Other popular sports in Paros are wakeboard, skiing and sailing.

Paros is waiting for you!